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The Fantasy Bond

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The Fantasy Bond: The Key to Understanding Ourselves and Our Relationships

Are you holding on to an old identity and harmful defenses that you formed in your family?

Do you find yourself limited in your ability to maintain close relationships and accept real love from a romantic partner?

Do you struggle to consistently provide love to your children and accept their love of you?

Could it be that what is interfering in your life is a core defense you formed in childhood known as the “fantasy bond?” The fantasy bond, a powerful concept developed by Dr. Robert Firestone, is defined as an illusion of connection we originally form with our parent as a defense system to help relieve anxiety and emotional pain. This fantasy may have once helped us cope with our caretakers’ limited ability to provide consistent love and care. However, as we grow up, this early defense system limits our ability to pursue or accept real love and connection.

This eCourse with Dr. Lisa Firestone is designed to help individuals, couples, and therapists understand how these fantasy dynamics negatively impact how you relate to yourself and those closest to you. The course will help you realize how a fantasy bond may be the core factor operating in keeping you from achieving your goals. Dr. Firestone will discuss the original fantasy bond you formed in your family and how it keeps you stuck in the past, reliving rather than living your own life today. This eCourse will further help you to challenge the fantasy bonds that are currently limiting you and your relationships.

Uncovering how this primitive defense operates in you today can help explain everything from destructive relationship patterns to self-sabotaging behaviors, from shattered self-esteem to difficulties relating to your kids. The process of recognizing, understanding, and challenging elements of a fantasy bond is an essential component of a person’s self-development and a means of breaking a cycle of destructive patterns that have often been passed from generation to generation. This online course promises to be an enlightening journey into your past as a means of creating a better future.

Lessons will include:

  • What is a Fantasy Bond?
  • The Origins of a Fantasy Bond
  • Why Fantasy Replaces Real Love in Relationships
  • Characteristics of Real Love Versus a Fantasy Bond
  • How to Break Free of Fantasy and Become Your True Self

All course materials will be made available online for individuals to take this course at their own pace, including:

  • Video lessons with Dr. Lisa Firestone
  • In-depth multimedia presentations
  • Introspective exercises
  • Enlightening reading assignments
  • Live Q & A session

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